About us

Hey, there! My name is Jafar and I am the owner of Inubaan WAH. The ‘Innu’“ is who we call my eldest daughter Inayah at home and “Baan” my son Abaan at home. Combining the two it’s named “Innubaan

Inubaan WAH is a holding of Inubaan LLC and is a Virtual Service Corporation partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions.  We are a GOLD Premier Partner looking for dedicated individuals to work from home providing inbound customer service for Fortune 500 companies.  As an Independent Contractor, you are Self Employed and you can choose when you work – weekends, evenings, or mornings – as well as how many hours you work.  You will have the freedom to schedule your work around your life and spend more time with your family and loved ones.

Inubaan WAH was founded by Jafar Rizvi in 2013.  Inubaan WAH is always looking for new & existing CSPs to join our GOLD Premier Partner.  We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of working from home.

Want to come and join our Team?

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Mission statement

“Home is where the heart is.”


Our purpose is to provide amazing customer service careers that individuals can do while at home, with flexible schedules that offer a well-balanced life with competitive pay & career fulfillment. We provide our team members with opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. We strive to be a company that listens to ensure that our clients and team members succeed.

Company Goal

Our goal is to be well known in both our community and our industry for our integrity, knowledge, and respect for the individual. We foster a results-oriented, positive team atmosphere that maximizes the personal growth and work experience of every one of our agents.

What does Inubaan WAH Offer? 

Inubaan WAH offers a flexible work environment that allows you to choose your job opportunity and work schedule. With us, you will be able to earn revenue around your family’s schedule without ever missing out on an important moment. Home is where the heart is. We would like to welcome you to our agency’s virtual family in hopes that you will find a permanent & lucrative career with us.

Who does Inubaan WAH partner with?

What or who is Arise? Inubaan WAH partners with the brands you already know & love. Think of your local bank, doctor’s office, bed and breakfast booking destination Application, and the cruise you took last summer just to name a few. Remember the mouse you grew up knowing who taught you that dreams do come true? Our agents are the friendly voices behind the phone when you need customer service assistance.

Inubaan WAH is the website ( technology platform ) that we use to be able to turn home offices such as yours into remote call work locations. It is where you log in as an agent to perform your client duties. If you have heard about Arise, our call center is an Arise premier gold partner. Virtual Work agency is Arise Virtual Solutions’ best ib call center to join as an agent.